Career Advice Series

Replay: Career Paths to the Bench

Lawyers work in a variety of fields today, both in and out of the law, but one of the most traditional career paths remains among the most prestigious: judgeship. Hear from esteemed federal and state judges on their roads to the bench and what it’s like to decide the law. If you aspire to wear …Read More


New Webinar: Online Research Tips You Didn’t Learn in Law School

Join us on Friday, September 9, 2016 at 1pm ET for our free monthly Career Advice Series webinar Online Research Tips You Didn’t Learn in Law School. Just because you can find it in Google doesn’t mean you should rely on it. What are the most authoritative and up-to-date resources on the web for legal …Read More


Replay: Finding Long-Term Career Satisfaction Through Career Fit

Research shows that long-term career satisfaction depends on how well your “career identity” fits with the job that you choose. In this webinar, lawyer-psychologist Dr. Larry Richard will outline a powerful model for understanding your own career identity, as well as how to use it to figure out the best job for you, either in …Read More


Replay: Guide to Negotiation: Tips and Techniques

Strengthen your negotiation skills and improve your style of negotiating on your own behalf. In this month’s free ABA Career Advice Series webinar, hear how to: Break down the negotiation process and techniques Remove anxiety from negotiating on behalf of yourself Make negotiating a comfortable part of your life, no matter what your style or …Read More


Replay: Lawyer Resilience and Grit

If you’re like many lawyers today, you may be experiencing greater stress, pressure and work dissatisfaction caused by unprecedented change, increasing uncertainty, greater competition, globalization, technology, and other factors. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to escape these stressors any time soon, but you can change how your brain responds to them. Watch this video …Read More